Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Diarrhea Diaries: Part 2

Here are the very rough pencil layouts for the eight page story I am illustrating for "The Diarrhea Diaries."

A lot of work remains to be done to make it ready for transfer to bristol paper and after that it will be ready for inking and lettering.

To view larger images, please click on the thumbnails below:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Diarrhea Diaries

My first project that will come out of the new studio, is creating the art for an 8 page story in the forthcoming second issue of The Diarrhea Diaries, created and written by Phil Miarmi.

At this point I have only done some rough thumbnails to lay out the sequence of the story and a couple of character sketches, one of which is of Phil himself, who is at the center of the stories that appear in the comic.

Here's my rough take on Phil:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movin' Part 2

When I was still living in New Jersey, I shared a rented studio space with four fellow artists, Mark McMurray, Ronnie Casson, Brian Bilter and the late Mark Griffin. We five were Joe Kubert School alums who also happened to work together for a brief time at the flag company Annin in Roseland, N.J.

We had dubbed our space, Clark Studios, after a band that Mark Griffin was in at the time called simply, Clark. We had the studio from Fall of 1998 to the Fall of 1999, never to return.

When we first got the space, there was a nameplate stuck on the door from the previous occupant. It read: Barbara Newman Electrolysis. I "borrowed" the nameplate and had it hanging over the door of my home studio for the last nine years. I decided it needs to be mounted in the new studio someplace. I temporarily placed it on my front door while my "Which Way Studios" nameplate is being made...

I have been intrigued for years about this enigmatic Barbara Newman and her Electrolysis business. It's a weird thing to get into, at least I thought it was weird, until I noticed the name of the business that is directly across the hall from my new studio...

Movin' On Up...To the WEST Side

The first two photos are of my old home studio as I began to pack things up last week for the move. My massive drawing table had already been dismantled at this point and put out by the front door. The "studio" as it is here, actually occupied my master bedroom. It will be nice to have the space back, I need it! Plus there are only two windows in the bedroom, one of which is covered by the cool Superman banner (courtesy of those fine fellows at Annin & Co.).

Here much of my supplies and reference ended up in these boxes, waiting to be moved out of my living room and into the new space....

And here we are in the new studio space. I had some time on my hands last night, so I thought I would get moving, why wait? The third photo shows where my drawing area will be (to the right of the short wall) and where my office and computers, scanner and printers will be (on the left, more clearly seen in the second photo). The space is 699 sq. ft., features built in cabinets in a "kitchen" area complete with counter top and a sink. The space also has 4 large windows and one narrow window (next to the front door), plus plenty of overhead fluorescent lighting.